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Join the virtual paragliding competition, with real places,
real air conditions, real difficulty. Catch the thermals and center the core!
How far are you able to go? ;)

Chrome or Brave required.

World Cup #4
begin 31 March 2021 - end 31 July 2021

- Galtür
- Guijo De Santa Bárbara
- Salida
- Itoigawa
- Teresópolis


more score for roundtrip flights (go and come back). To make more score possible, flight far from takeoff and land near to takeoff! A yellow arrow indicates the starting point position and above the distance you reached from that point.

PLEASE NOTE : each task can be retried as many times you desire, but be careful, if after the landing you save the flight the previous "same" task will be overwritten.

Prizes :
 100.000 coins to the first placed.
 50.000 coins to the second placed.
 25.000 coins to the third placed.


667191Fabrice H
286580Galtür06:15:44 hMax dist. 95.528 KmLand. dist. 0.002 Km3391 m
90172Guijo De Santa Bárbara03:30:34 hMax dist. 62.01 KmLand. dist. 47.929 Km3247 m
132053Salida04:01:34 hMax dist. 84.101 KmLand. dist. 60.125 Km4749 m
97850Itoigawa02:25:16 hMax dist. 32.64 KmLand. dist. 0.035 Km2821 m
60536Teresópolis01:36:08 hMax dist. 33.236 KmLand. dist. 19.586 Km3296 m
196752Galtür05:14:37 hMax dist. 76.196 KmLand. dist. 15.918 Km3507 m
118513Guijo De Santa Bárbara03:06:24 hMax dist. 52.775 KmLand. dist. 19.906 Km3205 m
70170Salida03:47:27 hMax dist. 59.23 KmLand. dist. 53.76 Km4642 m
83671Itoigawa02:12:50 hMax dist. 28.041 KmLand. dist. 0.226 Km2827 m
48618Teresópolis01:36:37 hMax dist. 32.368 KmLand. dist. 24.243 Km3263 m
67076Galtür04:11:31 hMax dist. 66.966 KmLand. dist. 66.911 Km3032 m
81304Guijo De Santa Bárbara02:27:07 hMax dist. 38.844 KmLand. dist. 17.614 Km3241 m
54773Salida02:06:00 hMax dist. 39.353 KmLand. dist. 31.643 Km4469 m
63703Itoigawa02:15:39 hMax dist. 58.681 KmLand. dist. 56.17 Km2834 m
42822Teresópolis01:01:41 hMax dist. 17.846 KmLand. dist. 5.358 Km3265 m
88310Galtür05:23:06 hMax dist. 88.31 KmLand. dist. 88.31 Km3282 m
32415Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:39:41 hMax dist. 32.415 KmLand. dist. 32.415 Km3250 m
42537Salida02:37:50 hMax dist. 41.891 KmLand. dist. 41.568 Km4602 m
56893Itoigawa02:16:22 hMax dist. 19.119 KmLand. dist. 0.232 Km2845 m
48892Teresópolis01:57:48 hMax dist. 20.85 KmLand. dist. 6.829 Km3386 m
113836Galtür03:16:16 hMax dist. 50.83 KmLand. dist. 19.327 Km3511 m
72755Guijo De Santa Bárbara02:47:58 hMax dist. 40.385 KmLand. dist. 24.2 Km3160 m
68422Salida02:21:40 hMax dist. 37.286 KmLand. dist. 21.718 Km4842 m
#6240921frits dercksen
65903Galtür02:21:08 hMax dist. 27.049 KmLand. dist. 7.622 Km3552 m
41512Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:22:45 hMax dist. 19.996 KmLand. dist. 9.238 Km3205 m
36141Salida01:18:33 hMax dist. 36.141 KmLand. dist. 36.141 Km4875 m
47465Itoigawa01:21:44 hMax dist. 24.191 KmLand. dist. 12.554 Km2819 m
49900Teresópolis01:28:43 hMax dist. 31.028 KmLand. dist. 21.592 Km3190 m
#7183974Jeremy Hanen
53369Galtür03:36:20 hMax dist. 17.845 KmLand. dist. 0.083 Km2647 m
26745Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:31:29 hMax dist. 14.457 KmLand. dist. 8.313 Km2032 m
38172Salida02:20:04 hMax dist. 34.934 KmLand. dist. 33.315 Km4761 m
30426Itoigawa01:13:34 hMax dist. 20.28 KmLand. dist. 15.207 Km1992 m
35262Teresópolis01:12:21 hMax dist. 16.894 KmLand. dist. 7.71 Km2588 m
#8145399Andi Cologne
66779Galtür02:59:07 hMax dist. 65.389 KmLand. dist. 64.694 Km3248 m
13903Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:28:07 hMax dist. 13.373 KmLand. dist. 13.108 Km1984 m
20876Salida01:18:35 hMax dist. 20.876 KmLand. dist. 20.876 Km4351 m
20736Itoigawa01:09:35 hMax dist. 20.73 KmLand. dist. 20.727 Km2071 m
23105Teresópolis00:45:45 hMax dist. 20.595 KmLand. dist. 19.34 Km2222 m
30503Galtür01:38:37 hMax dist. 10.199 KmLand. dist. 0.047 Km3460 m
38607Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:53:09 hMax dist. 37.167 KmLand. dist. 36.447 Km2868 m
57006Salida01:58:57 hMax dist. 56.76 KmLand. dist. 56.637 Km4678 m
#10120967rogers beaud
120967Galtür04:16:21 hMax dist. 47.185 KmLand. dist. 10.294 Km3069 m
#11113172Groza Petru
72003Galtür02:44:35 hMax dist. 34.435 KmLand. dist. 15.651 Km3259 m
16263Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:56:13 hMax dist. 16.263 KmLand. dist. 16.263 Km2751 m
24906Teresópolis01:24:25 hMax dist. 24.906 KmLand. dist. 24.906 Km2326 m
#12111451Tor Åge Salamonsen
81209Galtür03:58:29 hMax dist. 33.025 KmLand. dist. 8.933 Km2825 m
30242Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:23:12 hMax dist. 30.242 KmLand. dist. 30.242 Km2260 m
#1398145Andrei Cojoianu
98145Galtür02:57:38 hMax dist. 50.139 KmLand. dist. 26.136 Km3540 m
22016Galtür03:11:39 hMax dist. 20.254 KmLand. dist. 19.373 Km3558 m
7302Guijo De Santa Bárbara02:23:09 hMax dist. 5.052 KmLand. dist. 3.927 Km2954 m
30665Salida03:46:18 hMax dist. 30.665 KmLand. dist. 30.665 Km4756 m
17337Itoigawa03:26:39 hMax dist. 14.281 KmLand. dist. 12.753 Km2821 m
15419Teresópolis02:23:48 hMax dist. 14.995 KmLand. dist. 14.783 Km3266 m
33664Galtür01:42:09 hMax dist. 31.812 KmLand. dist. 30.886 Km3206 m
27034Salida01:53:06 hMax dist. 26.96 KmLand. dist. 26.923 Km4421 m
18733Teresópolis01:20:50 hMax dist. 18.733 KmLand. dist. 18.733 Km2266 m
79201Galtür02:51:38 hMax dist. 47.175 KmLand. dist. 31.162 Km3313 m
#1777372Kambiz NADDAF
30415Galtür01:08:22 hMax dist. 30.375 KmLand. dist. 30.355 Km2913 m
46957Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:11:56 hMax dist. 46.957 KmLand. dist. 46.957 Km3269 m
#1876305Pospíšil Daniel
57502Galtür02:26:19 hMax dist. 30.718 KmLand. dist. 17.326 Km2555 m
18803Teresópolis00:52:11 hMax dist. 13.657 KmLand. dist. 11.084 Km2397 m
51614Galtür04:15:06 hMax dist. 28.79 KmLand. dist. 17.378 Km2856 m
15259Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:05:32 hMax dist. 15.259 KmLand. dist. 15.259 Km2891 m
43248Galtür02:48:55 hMax dist. 43.248 KmLand. dist. 43.248 Km3230 m
10733Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:51:36 hMax dist. 10.575 KmLand. dist. 10.496 Km2083 m
#2150057Eirik Silden
14468Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:26:29 hMax dist. 14.468 KmLand. dist. 14.468 Km2717 m
35589Salida02:15:26 hMax dist. 35.589 KmLand. dist. 35.589 Km4366 m
#2249833Adrian Harding
33617Galtür03:04:42 hMax dist. 32.387 KmLand. dist. 31.772 Km2844 m
16216Guijo De Santa Bárbara01:05:18 hMax dist. 16.186 KmLand. dist. 16.171 Km2690 m
48335Galtür02:00:26 hMax dist. 20.669 KmLand. dist. 6.836 Km3286 m
#2448011Martin Roth
48011Galtür01:55:43 hMax dist. 19.489 KmLand. dist. 5.228 Km3164 m
15346Galtür01:04:00 hMax dist. 14.682 KmLand. dist. 14.35 Km2903 m
4679Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:35:28 hMax dist. 4.679 KmLand. dist. 4.679 Km2259 m
11443Salida00:40:46 hMax dist. 9.157 KmLand. dist. 8.014 Km4230 m
15746Itoigawa02:02:47 hMax dist. 7.136 KmLand. dist. 2.831 Km1913 m
10452Galtür00:45:46 hMax dist. 10.25 KmLand. dist. 10.149 Km3214 m
17881Salida00:51:24 hMax dist. 12.001 KmLand. dist. 9.061 Km4712 m
4704Itoigawa00:14:49 hMax dist. 4.676 KmLand. dist. 4.662 Km1935 m
10955Teresópolis00:23:52 hMax dist. 10.773 KmLand. dist. 10.682 Km2056 m
42357Galtür01:39:02 hMax dist. 42.123 KmLand. dist. 42.006 Km2476 m
36866Galtür01:29:37 hMax dist. 36.666 KmLand. dist. 36.566 Km2788 m
13725Galtür00:53:03 hMax dist. 13.651 KmLand. dist. 13.614 Km2440 m
7550Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:41:13 hMax dist. 4.282 KmLand. dist. 2.648 Km1965 m
12528Salida00:40:49 hMax dist. 12.528 KmLand. dist. 12.528 Km4788 m
#3033114Gianluca Broh
33114Galtür02:48:14 hMax dist. 32.882 KmLand. dist. 32.766 Km3026 m
29973Galtür01:07:06 hMax dist. 29.973 KmLand. dist. 29.973 Km3053 m
#3229127Peter Kraus
13903Galtür02:00:07 hMax dist. 13.903 KmLand. dist. 13.903 Km3196 m
8888Salida01:02:11 hMax dist. 3.002 KmLand. dist. 0.059 Km4503 m
6336Itoigawa00:15:16 hMax dist. 6.336 KmLand. dist. 6.336 Km1403 m
7586Galtür00:29:37 hMax dist. 7.586 KmLand. dist. 7.586 Km2516 m
8883Salida00:32:22 hMax dist. 8.883 KmLand. dist. 8.883 Km3970 m
4881Teresópolis00:19:59 hMax dist. 3.613 KmLand. dist. 2.979 Km2010 m
2385Galtür00:10:46 hMax dist. 2.385 KmLand. dist. 2.385 Km2954 m
5893Guijo De Santa Bárbara00:40:31 hMax dist. 5.893 KmLand. dist. 5.893 Km1835 m
5005Teresópolis00:38:00 hMax dist. 5.005 KmLand. dist. 5.005 Km2175 m
8392Galtür00:21:29 hMax dist. 8.28 KmLand. dist. 8.224 Km2630 m
1409Galtür00:14:31 hMax dist. 1.409 KmLand. dist. 1.409 Km2716 m

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